Limo Car Hire

There are many times that we find ourselves without a car and it is never convenient. You may have been in an accident, put your car in for a major service, are having new parts fitted or having it detailed.

For whatever reason, you don't have your car and you need to get to work, and what if this is the week you are hosting your boss from interstate of it is your wife's birthday and you wanted to take her to a special restaurant and now all you have to drive is a thrashed rental car hundreds of other people have already driven.

Well, why not hire a limousine when your car is unavailable to ensure you have a quality car to get you to work and anywhere else you need to go. Your limousine chauffeur will be ready and waiting to take you to business meetings, to pick up your partner and all in the style and comfort of your own private limousine.

Limousines are individually cleaned and detailed before they pick up each passenger so you know you will be riding in a well cared for luxury car.

You will also have the advantage of your own chauffeur so you can take time out and not worry about driving and negotiating traffic but just sit back and relax.

Hiring a limousine when your car in being serviced or repaired also means you have a reliable mode of transport and are still able to conduct yourself and your business without being impeded by a beat up and poorly treated hire car.

So for just a little more than the cost of a hire car, hire a limousine to transport you while your car indisposed. For more information about hiring a limousine when your car is being serviced or repaired, contact us now.


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    Add sparkle

    Arrive in style to your special event in a chauffeur-driven limo hire.

  • Hire a limo interior

    Indulge yourself

    Enjoy a five star service once you begin your limo hire journey.

  • Hiring a limo

    Luxury on wheels

    Spoil yourself onboard our limos with luxury facilities like champagne bars and plasma screens.

Limo Hire Company

Limo Hire

At Limo Company, we provide exclusive limousines for hire. Indulge in yourself with a chauffeur-driven limo hire and add sparkle to your special event. Our limos are nothing short of luxury on wheels!

Some of our Limos available for hire

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